Monday, October 22, 2012

Timeline update

I took this video of the girls about 2 weeks ago and just now downloaded it to my computer.  They absolutely love their timeline song.  We add 7 historical events each week and they look forward to Mondays simply because we get to add more cards.  I only ask them to "practice" their timeline about 3 times a week, but they usually sing it multiple times a day just by themselves while playing because they like it so much.  When we practice, I give them all the cards and they put them in order.  They do not need the cards to sing the song because they know it so well, but they enjoy putting them in order and I think the visual aid is a great reminder.  I will often take a few cards away from their matrix and then they have to figure out what is missing.  They love it! Even Abbi loves to sing the song with them (and take their cards).

Timeline Update from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

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