Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pregnancy Ramblings...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... morning sickness has hit in full force and I absolutely must use nap time for actually taking a nap now.  And by the time I put the girls down for bed at night, I am pretty useless and cannot string a decent sentence together.  And I go to bed ridiculously early.  My poor night-owl husband.  He dreads this stage almost more than I do :)

But the good news is that I am not as sick as I was with Abbi by this point!  As long as I go to bed ridiculously early and take naps and eat every 45 minutes, I am really not entirely miserable (other than the inevitable wanting to sleep every minute of the day and the fact that I have to eat every 45 minutes but everything I think of to eat grosses me out).  Tonight I actually ate something for diner that I did not have to force myself with every single bite.  Guess what it was?  Ice cream!  Oh, yes!  The only food I've eaten in a week (other than bread and butter) that doesn't gross me out while I am eating it.  My girls are going to love this pregnancy!

So I am thankful, thankful, thankful that I am not stuck on the couch the entire first trimester and that I can actually take a prenatal vitamin this time around!  But my housework and homeschool time is severely lacking because of all the necessary breaks and the fact that it takes me at least 20 minutes to force my unwanted but incredibly necessary snacks down.  So I finally came to an important conclusion: I've decided not to stress about the schoolwork for the month of October.  I was literally making myself sick trying to get up early from my nap in order to do our tablework before Abbi woke up and it just isn't worth it.  The girls are learning their Classical Conversations material easily without hardly trying because they love the songs so much. We do that in the morning and Abbi gets a big kick out of sitting on the coffee table with the big girls and she even pretends to point at the map and sing with them sometimes.   And I always manage to squeeze in some reading practice with Karis so she doesn't forget what she has learned.  But I'm letting the rest slide for the month.  And it is ok.  I'm really enjoying relaxed afternoon and the extra snuggle and reading time with my girls on the couch!   I set no plans for the afternoon (because I usually feel worse in the afternoon and it is pointless to plan anything) and just enjoy my girls.  This lack of pressure has really helped.  (But you probably don't want to join us for dinner anytime soon because we are pretty much living off of the granola and muffins I made before morning sickness hit.)

I'm right at 7 weeks and looking forward to the 8 week ultrasound to see that precious heartbeat and confirm my due date.   The girls are still super excited and every time I say I have to lay down, they grin and chant, "Because of the baby!"  And Karis is always telling me that I need to eat something for the baby.  I never knew that they had "favorites" (other than Daddy, of course), but they have informed me that I am now their favorite person in the world because I have a baby in my belly.  Karis is constantly excited and bursting to tell us how we are going to have to do something differently "once we have 4 kids."  It is really fun to see how her mind works.  Karlie is constantly asking me to lift my shirt and look at my belly, and she then reassures me that it is indeed getting bigger!  She also likes to put her hand on my belly and proclaim that she feels the baby moving, no matter how many times I tell her that the baby is too tiny. It has been so fun to see their excitement!

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