Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My girls lately...

The girls have been having fun at ice skating lessons lately...

Abbi runs around and plays with all the toys that are not on the ice:
 And gets snuggles from Daddy:

The girls are slowly getting more confident on the ice.  Karis can now skate all by herself weaving ever so slowly through the cones and Karlie is finally allowing her instructor to let go for short periods of time.  It has been a work in progress, but they are enjoying it!

 I end up with a lot of pictures like this, because the girls are always asking to take a picture with their baby dolls:

We scored big at the recent consignment sale and found some fun dress-up clothes:

More pictures from the ice rink -- the girls always want to stay and watch the zamboni after lessons


Mark took this picture of our cat because the girls think he is so funny for sleeping in our sink:

 We got out the big blocks for building pyramids like the Egyptians, but when left to themselves, the girls decided the blocks made a better home for babies and stuffed animals:

More babydoll pictures:

Abbi wasn't quite sure about all the sister love :)

And guess what?  More babydoll pictures!  Can you tell what they do all day long?

Someone now shows much favoritism to a particular color... taking more after Karlie than Karis.  She will pick purple (or blue if purple is not available) out of any combination of colored items:

My girls have decided that the Presidents song is their favorite song on the CC Cd:

The Presidents Song from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

They still randomly ask me to video them telling everyone about the baby in my belly.  Not too much has changed -- Karis is still pulling for a girl while Karlie wants a boy:

Talking about the baby from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

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