Saturday, October 27, 2012

Medal Day at MVP!

Today was the last day of the fall session at MVP.  It was Abbi's first time doing soccer, and she improved greatly over the season!  Not so much in soccer skills (because that is not the main point of the 18 month old class), but in how she participated and listened in the games.  Her first class was hilarious; she was all over the place and got mad when we tried to tell her what to do.  She had a blast chasing her Daddy all over the field, but she she wanted to do her own thing.  Boy, did she wear me out!  But after the first few classes, she got the hang of it and realized that the games are actually fun!  She absolutely loves the running games and the parachute and will actually do "kick and run" all the way down the field pretty well when she is in the mood.   We sure have had fun with our littlest Turf Tike!

Ice skating has been quite an adventure.  Karlie started out doing the best; she seemed to get the hang of it rather quickly.  Karis took a few weeks to get acclimated but she loves it the most now!  She now hardly ever holds the coach's hand and can turn around in a circle on her own (very slowly, of course). Karlie has held on to her initial fear and although she is capable of skating on her own, she prefers to hold onto her coach. But they both want to do it again next session!

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Claire said...

What fun! Love hearing how the girls are getting on!