Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yes, it's true!

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I put my big girls in matching shirts and took a picture like this:
 And now my sweet Abbi has become one of the big girls and can wear her own shirt!
 She is quite proud of her new shirts and has no idea how those words will change her future...

But I cannot wait to see what a great big sister she will be!

The baby is due exactly on Karis' birthday (May 22) and she thinks that is ever so exciting!  I'm about 4 1/2 weeks along and in that wonderful "everything I love tastes absolutely divine but everything I hate makes me gag" stage.  If prior trends continue, I have approximately 10 days before morning sickness hits.  Let the batch freezer cooking commence!

So far the names suggested include characters from favorite books:  Eliza Jane or Alice from Farmer Boy or Lulu or Bumblebee Boy from Ladybug Girl.  They haven't quite made it onto the approved list, so we are waiting for the next read-aloud to find a replacement :)

The girls are determined that Abbi move into their room and they get bunk beds, which is probably what will happen unless God miraculously provides a bigger house for us.  But moving Abbi will not take place until right before the baby is born and she will stay by herself for nap time.

I'm kind of thinking about not finding out the gender of this baby until the birth...  I know that the odds of having a boy are not in our favor so we might as well keep up the lacking suspense for a while longer, right?  :)  And in case you are wondering, we did not want to have another baby just because we are hoping for a boy this time. It would be great fun to see what a boy of ours would be like but we love our girls and would be every bit as happy with another one.

I know many of you might think we are crazy for having 4 little ones so close in age but we are very excited and know that the Lord will provide for our needs.  These children are all gifts from the Lord and even though we know that this means we will live the sleep-deprived, penny-pinching, crazy life for  quite a while longer, we feel incredibly blessed and can't wait to meet this new little one!

Here is a video of how we told the girls... Mark and I made them a cute little book that shared the good news, but even after reading it, they did not understand that it was true!  So funny!  But I loved seeing how excited they got when they finally understood.

I went to take a picture of them in their matching big sister shirts and Karis asked me to video her sharing the news.  So here are the girls talking about it once again.  Warning -- she is quite the rambler but if you make it through to Karlie talking it is pretty funny to hear why she thinks it is a boy...  


Claire said...

How hugely exciting! Thrilled for you all!

Beth McKenzie said...

We don't think you are crazy at all! And if you have a fourth girl, then it will be a perfect match for future marriages with the McKenzie boys! If the Millers don't call 'em first! :)

Sarah A. said...

Congratulations - how exciting!

Polish mama said...

Congratulations!!! We wish You all the best!!
Best greetings from Poland :)