Saturday, September 22, 2012

Resources and memory work CC week 2

We are on our second week of Classical Conversations and love it so much!  It is amazing how much my girls love to practice their memory work songs and go to their CC class!  Here are the resources I am using this week.   I will be adding to them as we read our books and decide on our favorites.

Week 2:
 Timeline:  We are doing THESE motions to the CC song and the girls love them!  We are also listening to the corresponding Mystery of History audiobook and reading books at the library relating to the topics are the girls doing their motions: 

Ten Commandments (same as last week):
hand motions to go along with the CC song to help memorize. I slightly changed a few of them to suit us better. - a great coloring book for only about $1.50.  It explains the ten commandments in easy language as well as quoting the verse in the same version as our CC song.  Here are the girls doing their song: 
Classical Conversations History weeks 1 and 2: Ten Commandments song from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

Geography:  I love the song we found on CC Connected and it really helps the girls remember all the locations:  
Classical Conversations weeks 1 and 2 geography from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

Prepositions: We are doing the fun CC preposition song with these motions and continuing to read books containing prepositions for the girls to find.

Skip Counting: Great skip counting mazes and worksheets!  The CC songs really help my girls as well: 
Classical Conversations week 1 Skip Counting and Grammar from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

Latin:  I downloaded a chant from CC Connected that h as really helped the girls learn the noun cases:

Classical Conversations week 1 latin and science from Meagan DeLong on Vimeo.

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