Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preparing for Classical Conversations!

Our Classical Conversations group is getting off to a later start than most.  Friday will be our first day and we are all just counting down the days!  I've been trying to gather my resources so that I will be ready to answer all the girls' questions about what they are learning and also have fun activities to go along with their memory work.  I have several friends embarking on Classical Conversations this year as well, so I thought that I would share my resources.  My plan is to try to give my girls a brief understanding of the topics before going to CC so they they will have an idea of what they are memorizing.   My biggest way of doing that is by reading books to them.  I probably ordered about 70 different books from the library that relate to what we will be studying.  We have just started to read through them this week, so I will be daily adding to my list the books that we like the most.  This will probably be an ongoing post for several weeks.

I decided to go ahead and invest in the audio version of Mystery of History.  It is kind of pricey, but well worth it for my my girls.  They listen to audiobooks everyday during nap time so this is an easy way to give them background knowledge on everything they are studying.  I love the thoroughness and Biblical perspective of MOH.  (I came close to ordering Story of the World, but thought that MOH was much better at giving the Biblical perspective and that is important at this stage of my girls' learning.  Once we have established a Biblical worldview and they are old enough to evaluate literature and think more for themselves, I will probably order SOTW for them to listen to as well.  But since they are at a stage where they simply accept everything they hear, I decided on MOH.)

One of the best resources I have found for CC is The Half-A-Hundred-Acre Wood blog.  The author constantly blogs about CC resources and hosts a weekly link-up for other bloggers to share.
Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up
Week 1:
Ten Commandments -- hand motions to go along with the CC song to help memorize. I slightly changed a few of them to suit us better
-- a great coloring book for only about $1.50.  It explains the ten commandments in easy language as well as quoting the verse in the same version as our CC song.

Timeline:  My girls are extremely familiar with most of the Biblical events so we are not spending as much time on them as we are on new topics.  We are focusing primarily on Egypt this week.  We are doing THESE motions to the CC song.

Creation -- read from children's Bibles and listen to MOH, The Story of Creation by Rae
Flood -- Read from children’s bibles and listen to MOH, Life In the Great Ice Age by Oard
Tower of Babel -- read from children’s Bibles and listen to MOH
Mesopotamia and Sumer -- MOH
Egyptians -- Usborne Time Traveler, MOH, Miss. Frizzle’s Adventures: Ancient Egypt, The Egyptian Cinderella by Climo
Indus River Valley Civilization -- MOH
Minoans and Mycenaens --  MOH

Prepositions --  I explained the definition with a doll and then asked them to tell me the prepositions when I read them in the following books.  I was surprised at how quickly hey figured it out and could guess the prepositions!
Go Dog Go!  By P.D. Eastman
Behind the Mask by Ruth Heller (more for older children but my girls enjoyed it also)
Oh, Look! by Patricia Polacco
Joey and Jet by James Young
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! by Rosen

We are also doing the fun CC preposition song with these motions

Classifications of living things -- there are several printables on CC Connected that I have for my girls as well as a puzzle.
Shoe Classification as suggested on THIS post -- the girls had great fun with this!
What is the Animal Kingdom byKalman
Tree of Life:  The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth by Strauss

Great song to learn to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic  (You have to scroll down the page a bit to see it but there are other good ideas to read while you scroll.)

Science Experiment extras: One Bean by Rockwell supplemented the experiment nicely

Geography:  I downloaded a cute little song from CC connected that described the parts of the map we need to memorize and we sing it while pointing to the map and outline the points of interest.

Latin: Say the noun cases with different voices (Nominative - hands over mouth and say loudly, Genitive - singing, Dative - high voices,Accusative - stern voice with finger pointing, Ablative - clapping to rhythm of words. (thanks for the idea, Urban Momma)

Skip Counting: Great skip counting mazes and worksheets

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up

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