Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My best friend from high school lives far away now and has a little daughter who is 4 years old and is homeschooling this year.  She recently asked if Karis would like to be pen-pals with her to help practice their writing.  To say that my girls were excited would be a huge understatement!  We had just finished reading "Boxes for Katja"(and our library actually has it on CD so the girls listened to it at least 25 times) so the timing could not have been more perfect.  Karis got her first letter in the mail on Saturday and spent a long time writing her back.  Karlie also wanted to join in the fun, so both of the girls made pictures for their new friend.  Karis has asked repeatedly to check the mail ever since and is ever so excited!

Here is a picture of the girls with Nadia's letter and everything they are sending back to her:

Karis dictated the letter and I wrote most of the sentences but left blanks for her to fill in the important words.
We are so excited about our new pen-pal!!!

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