Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby's first soccer class and ice skating!

This Saturday was pretty special.  Not only did we start the fall sports session at Mark's work, but Abbi was finally old enough to join the parent-child class!  It was so funny to watch her excitement (and stubbornness when she wanted Daddy to give her something he was using to coach).   Mark and I had a lot of fun with her while the big girls did their class right beside us.  I didn't get any pictures because I was chasing Abbi around while Mark tried to keep control of 15 18-24 month old kids :)  But once she (and the other kids) get the hang of all the games I will probably let him have her and step back to take pictures.  

Next, we had to hustle and change clothes super fast and run up to the ice house for skating lessons!!  The girls were pretty surprised at how hard it was to skate on ice, but they had fun and want to do it again next week.  The big lesson for the first day was how to "fall well" and get back up and they definitely practiced that one over and over!  But by the end of class, they were moving around a little bit.  Karis said that Karlie got the hang of it better than she did but she was still a very good sport :)

We brought warm clothes for the big girls, but not for Abbi and I so we couldn't stay and watch for very long.  Next week we will bundle up and take more pictures!

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