Sunday, September 9, 2012


Mark's family took us to Gatlinburg for Labor Day weekend and we sure had fun!  It happened to be the first iphone trip; I hardly even pulled out my camera!  Almost all of these pictures were taken with Mark's phone.

Downstairs there were movie theatre seats and the girls decided they were perfect for "playing school." Caroline and Karlie were so excited that Lily and Karis allowed them turns at being "teacher."  Karlie told me "they even obeyed me!"
They were tickled about the apples that Nina put on the table and they could get whenever they wanted:

 We celebrated Nina's birthday and everyone was so excited about the ice cream cakes!

Caroline wanted to wear her gymnastic outfit....

And Abbi wanted to wear everyone's goggles:

 The big girls were finally old enough to go on a fun trips with the Daddies during naptime.  Karis was very excited about riding with Daddy on the water bumper boats, but Karlie stayed on shore with Papa.

They rode on a train!

 and gave a hug to this cute guy:

The kids enjoyed some pool time, but we did not take too many pictures...

Tired out and ready for lunch!

Karis and Karlie missed the hiking trip last year because I made them take a nap and they had been talking about it ever since!  So they were very excited to be a part of the team this year!

Nina and all her big grand-kids:

We love Aunt Mel!

 Karlie was brave enough to do the merry-go-round with Karis:

They even enjoyed the gondola ride up and down the mountain!

We sure do love our cousins!

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