Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day of Classical Conversations!

We were so excited to start Classical Conversations last Friday!  The girls got up early and got dressed even before I had breakfast ready.  They chose their "traditional" cinnamon roll first day of school breakfast and we quickly headed out the door.

My Big Preschooler and Kindergartener!
 Mark snapped this picture of them while I was still getting ready...  It made me laugh because Abbi was still brushing her teeth.
 Karlie was the only one who would pose alone for the first day but I sure do love that big smile!!!

Karlie's thoughts on the first day of school: (Karlie is currently in the toddler class with Abbi, but after Christmas we will move her up to Karis' class.  She could easily do everything Karis is doing and learns the same material at home, but we thought Abbi could use the help since she had never been in a nursery before and we didn't quite have the money to put Karlie in CC for the whole year.)
"I liked playing with the toys most of all.  Especially the food and the babies.  I liked to play with Abbi the most.  I loved playing with Miss Karla.  I really loved doing snacks.  I loved playing "escape from the boys" with Meri (a new friend).

Karis' thoughts on the first day of CC:
"I had fun.  I made friends with Sarah and Meri and another Sarah.  Meri and I were most of all playing "escape from the boys."  My favorite thing we did in class was take apart the beans.  I liked my teacher.  She was wearing purple."

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