Thursday, August 2, 2012

Us lately...

Sometimes I am really glad that we take pictures or I would never remember all our special moments!

 Sitting on the porch steps before church on Sunday...

Karis excitedly waiting for Karlie and I to be ready for our "first day of play school" (my 3-day parent practicum for Classical Conversations.)  Abbi was impatiently looking out the door as well because Daddy was going to take her on a walk... (In case you were wondering, he did change her out of Karis' shoes before going, though.)

My big girls and I all ready for "school."
I attended a 3-day training session to catch the Classical Conversations vision, get to know other CC moms, check out fabulous resources, and learn a little Latin as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  The girls went to a great play camp provided by CC.  They were very excited and not the least bit nervous.  (I was more worried for them since we go to a small church and they have not done Sunday School or any other "class" without Mama and Daddy.)  Unfortunately, they had so many children that they separated the 3-year olds from the 5-year olds and it totally freaked out my Karlie Sue.   She is the happiest, bounciest little thing you will ever meet as long as she feels safe with someone she knows, but if you take her away from her sister, she turns into a puddle of tears.  The only reason I enrolled her instead of keeping her home with Daddy was because the 3's and 5's were supposed to be together. I quickly talked to the director who promised that Karlie could stay with Karis the following day.  I really thought that there was no way Karlie would agree to come back after the shock of the first day, but she was once again super excited to be in Karis' class and had a blast and told me she wanted to go to school every day!  Such a trooper!  As for Karis, I was happy to hear that she was cheerful and outgoing even when Karlie was gone.  She is definitely my social butterfly!  I was also relieved to hear that Abbi was quite happy for her Daddy the first day and my mother's helper, Lindsay, the next two days and even took good naps for them.  Now we just can't wait for "real" school to start so that we can enjoy learning and seeing our CC friends each Friday!

 Snuggled up on the couch listening to "Laura and Mary" (On the Banks of Plum Creek).  So sweet!

I went into Abbi's room to wake her up last Sunday afternoon and found her like this!  Don't worry, she was breathing just fine under her beloved softy blanket.  Crazy baby loves that thing so much and it has to be touching her face when she sleeps.  And yes, I always give her a box of books to read before she goes to sleep.  Maybe that is why she takes such long naps... I think she must read and play for the first hour.  Let's hope she will be as content after this week when we take away her paci...

The girls were very excited to find a flock of geese in our backyard on Wednesday morning! 

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