Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The past few weeks...

I've been a little pre-occupied with school-prep the past few weeks to do much blogging. (If you follow me on Pinterest, I apologize for all my Classical Conversations pins; feel free to unsubscribe because I assure you there will be more!)  So here is one big post of all the random pictures of we have taken to catch me up on blogging:  

A fun night at Mellow Mushroom (which happens to be the only place we can easily eat out right now because they have gluten-free pizza):

We play people and dollhouse several times a day.  Abbi usually ends up in the people basket with her softies and the girls give her people to keep her happy :)

We take walks everyday and the girls love to find flowers

 A fun trip to VA to see friends and family!

Abbi had fun with Daddy in Papa's pool!

 Then she almost fell asleep in her chair in her life jacket :)

Papa helping Karis swim:

Karlie is the only one brave enough to go off the diving board, but she definitely has lots of help :)

More smiles from Karis in the water:

They conked out, exhausted from swimming,  in the car on the way to Nina and Papa's

They decorated Nina's hall with babies!!

Attempting a family picture since we rarely have someone to take it for us

Abbi smiling at Daddy through the screen:

The girls are going with Daddy to work every day this week for a multi-sport camp!  They are so excited.  They spend a half hour each on basketball, soccer, tennis, and t-ball.  We are so thankful that Daddy can take his girls to work with him!

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