Monday, August 27, 2012

Lightening bug stories by Karis and Karlie

I recently stumbled upon a language arts book for little ones that I absolutely love!  It is called Language Lessons for Little Ones and is a Charlotte Mason style of learning, which I really like.  I also love the Classical model and believe the memorization foundation is very important for children, and we will be memorizing amazing amounts of information with our Classical Conversations group.  But I also really love this Charlotte Mason book that emphasizes nature and artwork and poetry and thought it would balance out all that memory work quite nicely.  I bought the 1st book for Karlie and the 4th one for Karis, but after looking at it, I decided to let them both start with the first one and allow Karis to simply go at a faster pace.  I just thought it such a nice collection of poetry and artwork and didn't want her to miss out on it.  The lessons are very short and simple so she does around 7 or 8 each day and it only takes us about 15 minutes. The girls have both really enjoyed it!

The lessons generally contain art or poetry that we read and discuss and then draw a picture to describe.  In today's lesson, they were asked to make up a story about a lightening bug (the focus of the poem they read today) and they had such fun with it that I decided to type out their stories so I could remember them:

Karlie's Lightening Bug Story:
"I have a lightening bug named Liesl.  She likes to light up in the night.  She landed on my finger and stayed there all day!  Then she flew off and we put her in a jar and we took a picture.  She has a Mama named Maria.  In the night we will let her go so she can fly up and light up when people are out and it is dark."

Karis' Lightening Bug Story:
"Karis the lightening bug is going to the moon!  She sees me!  We sit and we eat my favorite cheese on the moon (orange cheese).  The firefly wears a necklace that she got from the store on the moon.  We stay on the moon!"

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