Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Abbi Grace at 18 months

My baby is a year and a half old!  So hard to believe!

 She is big enough now to stroll with us on our morning walk and actually begs to hold her sisters' hands.  Definitely makes my life easier!

 She absolutely loves the swing that Papa made and is quite content to sit in it forever, whether you push her or not.  She never wants to get up.  It is the best place to get a picture of her because she is always happy there and for once, not moving 100 miles per hour :)

 My sweet Abbi Grace is extremely affectionate.  She loves to rubs heads with you just like a kitty, and nothing makes her smile more sweetly than exchanging butterfly kisses.  She pretends to be shy when we first walk in a different place, but she will soon be crawling into someone's lap after just a few minutes of Mama's snuggles.  She will happily blow kisses at strangers and say "bye" in a very southern way.

 She is also very stubborn.  We finally got a break in our summer traveling schedule to take away her paci and my crib-loving girl is still not happy 2 weeks later.  (Note to self: getting rid of the paci is very painless before 15 months, but 18 months is a different story!  I will never wait this late again!)  I'm afraid we might lose the morning nap over the paci battle but I am still holding my ground and trying to get her back to reading books in her crib while I do schoolwork with the big girls.  She has done better the past few days so I am optimistic.
 Abbi has many words now, but her favorite by far is "Daddy!"  She talks about him all day long, usually yelling for him.  I thought all my girls were Daddy's girls, but Abbi takes the cake.  He is always in her thoughts.  Her other favorite words are "baby" (which Karis worked very hard to teach her and now she won't stop saying proudly as she holds up her baby doll for you to admire), "banana" (which she always wants,) "mama," and "ME!" (which she yells very loudly if the other girls have something she wants.)  She loves to copy anything you say to her and is very proud when she does it well and you praise her.

She loves to read and has a great attention span.  She will keep handing me books to read before nap time until I make her stop.  Her current favorites are: the baby stories in her Eloise Wilkins Treasury, Go, Dog, Go! (which has been the favorite with each of my girls at this age), and any animal book so that she can tell me the sounds they make.

She loves to sing and anytime we sing together, she says, "Mmmmmmmm," after each song which means, "more!"  She even does it at church to ask us to keep singing!

Abbi plays really well with her big sisters for the most part.  She loves to hand them people for their doll house or clothes to dress their baby dolls.  Every so often, she gets a mischievous grin on her face and takes exactly what she knows Karlie wants or pulls their hair, but we are definitely working on that.  Hair-pulling is really her only reason for major discipline at this point because most of the time, she really wants to please.

Abbi is also really good at entertaining herself.   When the girls are at soccer and I am in the kitchen making dinner, she will play by herself with the dollhouse people or beans or other sensory toy for a good half hour.  She loves playing with the big girl toys most of all.  She really has no idea that she is 18 months old and truly believes that she can do every thing her older sisters do!

We are so thankful for our sweet Abbi Grace and can't wait to see how she grows this year!

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