Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swim lessons!

Back in May, the girls took swim lessons at a local pool.  There was only one other girl in their class, so it was perfect.  The girls loved swim lessons and begged to go almost every day.  (We did 6 six lessons over the course of six weeks.)   For some reason, Karis kind of flipped out the last few classes about water in her eyes, but we got her goggles and she had some private lessons with Daddy at the beach and is now excited about swimming once again :)  These classes have been great for the girls, not only to learn how to swim better, but also to learn to stay on the steps and wait their turn to swim...  When we go swimming, I have to keep my hands free for Abbi so the girls have to take turns waiting for Daddy to take them around the pool.  They really do a great job!

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