Friday, July 20, 2012

First Day of School to last

First Day of school:  Aug 2011

Last day of school: May 2012

At the beginning of the year, I asked the girls a few questions and I did it again at the end of the school year to see if their answers had changed.  Here are their answers:

Karis: then.... now

I like to be called: Karis... Karis Lynn
My favorite food is:  Cinnamon carrots, sweet potato fries, pizza with bacon and cheese, bacon and eggs, fried apples....   buckwheat porridge and granola with milk, yogurt, and raisins
My favorite color is:  "You know, pink! ... Pink!
My favorite sport is:  Soccer.... soccer
My favorite game is:  Chutes and Ladders... Princesses!
My favorite book is:  Boxcar children.... Richard Scarry's Picture Dictionary
My favorite thing to watch:  "Raindrops on Roses (Youtube)...  Maria!  (The Sound of Music) 
My favorite animal: gopher and turtle.... ostrich because I haven't seen one much!
My favorite schoolwork:  Numberline.... Clock and money
What I do best: numbers... coloring!

Karlie:  then... now
I like to be called: Karlie... Cinderella!
My favorite food is:  tortillas, apple sausage... tortellini
My favorite color is:  purple... purple; "I only like purple but for treats, I like chocolate!"
My favorite sport is:  soccer... "blastball because that's when you throw because I like throwing!"
My favorite game is:  Brown Bear, Panda Bear... Hi, Ho, Cherri-o
My favorite book is:  doggy book... Richard Scarry's Picture Dictionary
My favorite thing to watch:  Maria!
My favorite animal: giraffe... kitties
My favorite schoolwork:  coloring book.... workbook
What I do best: coloring, playing with Abbi... schoolwork, playing with Abbi

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Claire said...

What a lovely record to keep.