Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finally back to normal and some natural remedies

We did not take too many pictures this week because Abbi Grace was utterly miserable and pretty much needed to be held all day long.  Not only did she catch Karlie's virus, but it also got in her eye and it was red and swollen almost shut.  So pitiful!  The big girls missed their little buddy and made a special bed for her on the floor so she could lay with them while they played:

This picture was taken on Thursday, the first day she was really feeling better and opened her eye a little more.  Karlie had put on her special paint shirt from Grandma and Abbi kept playing with it so we gave her the one Karis made for her. She was so excited (although her eye was still making her a bit miserable so it was hard to see the excitement in this picture.)

After 5 days of a super high fever,  I decided to take Abbi to see my holistic doctor just to make sure an infection had not snuck in while her body was fighting the virus.  I absolutely love my pediatrician and she is open to my natural tendencies, but after last summer's ordeal I knew exactly the protocol she would have to recommend: a trip to the ER to take blood, x-ray, and spinal tap to rule out the worst case scenarios.  I didn't want to do that when my holistic doctor could use less invasive techniques to tell me what was going on.  She found that Abbi had a nasty virus centered in her spinal cord and intestines.  That made total sense to me because she had been extremely uncomfortable through the sickness, squirming all over the place and unable to get comfortable enough to sleep more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time.    Here were her tips for getting over any kind of virus:

1. Therapy bath to help hydrate (because dehydration is the most dangerous effect of high fever):
1 3/4 cups epsom salts
3/4 cup baking soda
3/4 cup borax
1/4 tsp. lavender oil (if desired to help relax)

2.  L-lysine -- 250 mg 3x a day (mixed into food)
3.  Zinc -- 15 mg (mixed into food)
4.  Garlic cut open and rubbed on feet
5.  Elderberry syrup every hour for 2 days
6.  Collodial silver --  every hour for 2 days
7.  Probiotics -- 4 times a day

8.  Lugol's iodine and magnesium oil patted on spine every 2 hours -- this sounds absolutely ridiculously crazy but supposedly the virus does not like this mixture and will "move" away from it.  You "chase" the pain with the mixture until it is gone and the virus has left.  It will often go to your weakest parts.  (For instance, with my holistic doctor's daughter, the pain moved to a part of her leg that was very sore from dance practice the day before.)  With older patients, it is easier to "chase" it and put the mixture wherever  the patient says that it hurts next, but with Abbi it was a little more difficult.  The first time she grabbed her eye and started screaming, which made sense because it was hurt but was very frustrating because I could not help her there.  However, the next time after placing it on her spine, she started acting quite agitated and grabbing at the top of her neck.  I placed the mixture there and she calmed down immediately.  Weird, but it seemed to be similar to what my holistic doctor had described so I am thinking that it worked.  If nothing else, iodine and magnesium are things most people are deficient in and desperately need, so I thought it was definitely a worthwhile solution to try.

9.  Hydrating tonic (very similar to one I already posted) to battle dehydration from the fever:
1 Tbs. raw apple cider vinegar
1 pinch baking soda
1 serving aloe vera juice
1 cup of unfiltered apple juice
2 cups water
5 drops sole*

*sole -- dissolve as much Redmond's Real Salt as possible in 1/2 cup boiling water.  Put in dropper bottle

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