Saturday, June 16, 2012

All About Papa Marvin

I asked the girls these questions about Papa Marvin for Father's Day and then forgot to post them!

What makes Papa Marvin happy?
Karis: When I obey
Karlie: When I eat

How does Papa Marvin make you laugh?
Karis: When he says something funny
Karlie: When he does silly things

How old is Papa Marvin?
Karis: 60
Karlie: 3

What is Papa Marvin’s favorite thing to do?
Karis: Make me some pancakes
Karlie: Play with me!

What does Papa Marvin do when you're not around?
Karis:  Be sad... just working
Karlie: Play with Nina!

What is Papa Marvin really good at?
Karis: Making me pancakes and playing with me!
Karlie: Playing with us; read books

What does Papa Marvin do for his job?
Karis: I think it is a work outside and help some other men
Karlie: Cook

What is Papa Marvin’s favorite food?
Karis: Banana Pudding!
Karlie: Corn

What do you and Papa Marvin do together?
Karis: Look in the garden for stuff to pick
Karlie: Read books!

How do you know Papa Marvin loves you?
Karis: Well, since I love him!
Karlie: Because he likes me!

Where is Papa Eric’s favorite place to go?
Karis: To a park... he likes to see me climb... it is just so much fun!
Karlie: To a store

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