Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Us lately....

It has been a while since I actually found the time to write on this blog (instead of just posting pictures) so I thought I'd give a brief update on how our family is doing...

Abbi Grace (16 months):  Happy girl who spends her days climbing on absolutely everything!  And she has a love affair with her crib... I've never had a baby who loves to go to bed so much (a girl after my own heart!).  I I ask her if she wants to go night-night and she grins and takes off to her crib.  It never ceases to amaze me.  Still taking two fabulous (2 hour) naps a day and going to bed at 7pm for the night.  She doesn't always sleep the entire time but is usually happy to play in her crib til I decide nap time is over.  If she didn't look almost identical to Karis at the age, I would think she was switched at birth because the other two were horrible nappers in comparison!  Abbi is quite a loud toddler (I think she knows she has to be to get heard over the other two)  and will often just holler non-stop til I figure out what she wants.  But she is starting to learn new words every week which is so exciting and will help much with the yelling factor!

Karlie Sue (almost 3 1/2):  Boundless energy and wants to sing "Maria" songs at the top of her lungs all day long.  Utterly refuses to take any medicine or natural remedies other than homeopathic "sugar" pills.  It is useless to try.  Still incredibly picky with food but doing better getting enough calories now that I have had some time to experiment with gluten-free cooking.   She definitely needs to be gluten free and if we let her cheat, we will pay for it.  Karlie loves to play with her sisters and can't stand it if either one is gone or napping without her.  She is my most affectionate child and always wants to snuggle.

Karis Lynn (5): Joyful imagination with great ideas but can't stand to not be in charge.  She is utterly obsessed with coloring and usually does at least 10 coloring sheets a day.   She is also in love with listening to stories on itunes during naptime.  Karis loves to "watch" Abbi for me and she is always begging me to get Abbi up from her nap early so she can play with her.  She has become an excellent writer and is quite proud of her reading skills as well.

Mark and Meg:  Loving this stage of life when all the kids are sleeping great at night and we can go out on dates easily!  We attended a great marriage conference in April that was super refreshing and good for us... 3 kids can just make you too tired to think about working on your marriage, but it sure is worth it!  Mark's work is going well; his bosses actually want him to fly out to CA for a week to help jumpstart a facility there there that needs help doing what he does.  It is a huge compliment to him and we girls are trying not to get too depressed at the thought of him being gone so long.  I'm doing better in my job as a homemaker and actually finding time to get most of my housework done each week.   (Putting the laptop in the girls' room at naptime for them to listen to stories on has greatly helped my ability to get things done!  Not as much blogging as before, but it is worth it to have a cleaner house :)

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