Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not completely back to normal...

After my last post, I thought I should update you on how my girls are doing:

Karis:  After a long talk with her Daddy upon his return, my happy, helpful girl has returned.  I'm not sure why she went through that spell, but I'm glad she listens to her Daddy!  She still gets a defiant look on her face at times, but is much more cooperative.  I decided it was time to invest in some fun character training materials.  I've been wanting to focus on a different character trait each week and stumbled upon "We Choose Virtues."  A little pricey, but very cute and fun.  You could probably get away with just buying the parenting cards and make your own sticker charts and posters to save money.

Abbi:  Now that we are back home, she doesn't seem to be having any problems going back to her wonderful sleep schedule.  Other than the fact that she insists that I leave the lamp on.  Even in broad daylight during naps!  I don't understand it, but right now I am sleep deprived because Karlie needs to be held 24/7 so if a lamp helps Abbi sleep, she can sure have it.  We'll tackle the lamp and paci as soon as Karlie is better and I have caught up on my sleep :)

Karlie:  The night before Daddy returned, she woke up screaming hysterically because she was seeing sharks and they were going to eat her.  She had a very high fever and was truly hallucinating.  These sharks plagued her all night.  I finally brought her in bed with me so I could comfort her, but every time she fell asleep, she would all of a sudden jerk and scream for me and vividly describe the shark(s) that were about to eat us.  It was heartbreaking and scary. It turns out that she has a severe case of strep throat and even with antibiotics 4 days later, she still has the high fever and will not eat more than a bite of blueberries or raisins.  Thankfully, the hallucinations have ceased, but she is still not sleeping well and wants Mommy to snuggle every single moment.  Pray that she will get better soon because she struggles with weighing enough as it is and she really needs to eat some calories. (And Mark and I could use some sleep.)

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M. said...

I wish you all the best - and good health first of all :)
Best greetings! Magda and Lusia and Arthur.