Friday, June 1, 2012

We love the beach!

Grandma and Papa treated us to a wonderful long weekend at Kure Beach!  Oh, it was so nice to get away and spend time with family!

(And yes, I am "one of those" who makes her kids look like a ghost on the beach because it is the only safe sunscreen :)
 Abbi was not the least bit afraid of the water and wanted to go deeper and deeper...

 The first day was really windy so Grandma enjoyed lots of Karlie snuggles!
 Grandma and Papa had lots of coloring and crafts for the kiddos back at the house.... and Abbi thought that was a good chance to snuggle with Karlie :)

 All ready for the beach!
 We had a short walk down the neighborhood to get to the beach...
 Daddy's girls!
 Playing with Cademon and his bucket...
 Happy Karlie!
 Chasing Benjamin or running from the waves?  Two of Karis' favorite things to do on the beach!
 Snack time!
 Uncle Mark consoling Benjamin after a big wave :)
 My sandy beach bum :)
 They made friends with a girl who lives at the beach
 My baby loves the water!
 My little cherub :)

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Cicha said...

girls have beautiful swimwear