Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Day at Grandma and Papa's!

We are spending a few days with my parents and the girls are having a blast!  We wanted to swim all day, but the weather refused to cooperate.  No problem, though, because my mom always has lots of fun crafts and sticker books and coloring books ready for them and they have just bounced from one activity to the next.  Also, my parents live in one of the most economically depressed areas but have the most amazing library ever!  There is a huge childrens' play section with every pretend, imaginative, creative toy ever.  Not to mention all the fabulous books and resources.  My girls could spend hours there in pretend play.  

I didn't get pictures of all the fun activities we did today, but here are a few from our fun day....
Abbi absolutely loves this fish pillow in the above picture and grins so big every time she sees it!
All the girls have spent much time playing with the dollhouse :)

 Coloring sun visors and washing rocks
 Big smiles from girls who love to use glitter paint on rocks!

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