Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Day

Today was a super fun, exhausting, and busy day for us!    We started out by picking flowers for Great-Grandma Connie... but as you can tell by the picture, Abbi wasn't going to give hers up for anything!
 Karlie was ready to make Connie smile, though!
 Connie loved Karis' new ballerina doll!
 But I think she enjoyed the hugs even more :)  (You can see the pink car in the picture that was Karlie's new toy.)
 Next, we met up with Nina for lunch and ice cream at Chick-Fil-A!  Abbi was quite excited about hers but kept screaming in the middle of bites because she kept getting a brain freeze.
 This was the first time the big girls had enjoyed chocolate syrup on top of ice ream and they were pretty big fans!
 My awesome Dad let me use his Kroger card to get my gas, which had 60 cents off the gallon!  Score! Mark said the price in CA where he has been this week was pushing $4.00!
 I took this picture of the girls so you could see how long their hair has gotten... we've been meaning to get a summer trim for a long time now!
 So today was the day!
 The girls were quite hesitant at first, but were sure excited about the treat the hairstylist gave them afterwards!

Now look how short Karis' hair is!
Then we met Papa at an awesome burger place and I ate the biggest double cheeseburger of my life.  So good but i forgot to take a picture :)
We are utterly exhausted and can't wait to finally see Daddy again in the morning!!!!!!

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