Saturday, June 30, 2012

At least Karlie is better....

Since Karlie spent about 5 days of this...
 We decided to get a playhouse for the other two to entertain themselves with.  (I cannot tell you how much they missed Karlie and begged for her to play.)
 Finally, Karlie got off the couch to play with her new pink car and people!
 And we were ever so glad to see that sweet smile again!!
 She even felt well enough to go to soccer on Friday!
 Medal day!
 Karis was so glad to have her little buddy back that she gave out hugs like this:
 My heart wants to burst :)
 Daddy's little turf tikes:

Unfortunately, Abbi caught Karlie's virus and is now just as pitiful as Karlie was.  It is going to be another couple of long days, but at least we know what we are dealing with.  (Umm... not strep throat as the doctors originally assured me.  Why do I ever second guess myself and take my girls to the doctor?  It is so much easier to treat them at home naturally.)   I am thankful that Karlie is well and and I can't wait for Abbi to get better so life can go back to normal.  For now, I am just enjoying day-long snuggles on the couch with my normally "too busy to sit still" toddler.  And wakeful nightly sleep-overs in her room :)


Anonymous said...

Meg, you have facebook??

Meg said...

I do have facebook but I only "friend" people that I personally know or who are recommended to me by a close friend. My blog is for everyone, but facebook is just for close friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ok. My dream is to know you and your daughters personally, I admire you very much. But pity that I live far, U.S.. But thanks!! God bless you.
My name is Luisa, and I live in Brazil