Friday, June 15, 2012

All About Papa Eric!

For Father's Day, I asked the girls a bunch of questions about their Papas.  Here is what they said about Papa Eric:

What makes Papa Eric happy?
Karis: When I play with him
Karlie: Because I love him so much

How does Papa Eric make you laugh?
Karis: When he tickles me and plays with me
Karlie: When he does silly things like jiggling (she meant juggling :)

How old is Papa Eric?
Karis: 64
Karlie: 4

What is Papa Eric’s favorite thing to do?
Karis: Wash the dishes
Karlie: Play with me

What does Papa Eric do when you're not around?
Karis:  I don’t know because I’m not with him then!
Karlie: Be sad

What is Papa Eric really good at?
Karis: Washing dishes
Karlie: play at the beach!

What does Papa Eric do for his job?
Karis: I don’t know about that
Karlie: Just play, play, play!

What is Papa Eric’s favorite food?
Karis: Corn pudding
Karlie: pancakes and waffles

What makes you proud of Papa Eric?
Karis: If he does what Grandma tells him to do or what I tell him to do... I’m being quite silly today *mischievous grin*
Karlie: When he does funny things

What do you and Papa Eric do together?
Karis: Read books
Karlie: Pass the ball to him and then he throws it back

How do you know Papa Eric loves you?
Karis: Because I just love him so much!
Karlie: Because he does funny things

Where is Papa Eric’s favorite place to go?
Karis: To the park, I know!  Or to our house.
Karlie: The pizza place!

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Anonymous said...

So cute! You've inspired me to do this too (better get moving if I want to have it done by tomorrow!!!)