Sunday, June 17, 2012

All About My Daddy!

These 3 girls wanted to say Happy Father's Day to their favorite person in the world!
 Who else would regularly paint his daughters toenails, wear the baby in a pink baby carrier for triple Daddy dates, and pretend to be a beast for 3 crazy princesses?  Or take his daughters to play with him at work several times a week and give up his day off to take them to story time at the library and other errands that they love?  Seriously, Daddy, you are the best!

All About My Daddy:
My Daddy's name is: 
Karis: Daddy
Karlie: It's really Mark but I call him Daddy!

My Dad is:
Karis: 63 years old
Karlie: 5 years old

His hair is:
Karis: black
Karlie: black

And his eyes are:
Karis: brown
Karlie: blue

My Dad's favorite food is:
Karis: chips
Karlie: Chick Fil A nuggets

Daddy's favorite color is:
Karis: blue
Karlie: *grins* pink!

Daddy likes to wear:
Karis: belt, shirt, britches
Karlie: black clothes

Daddy's job is to:
Karis: teach ball
Karlie: painting, kick the soccer ball

He loves to eat:
Karis: cake
Karlie: tortellini

He is smart because he knows:
Karis: everything!
Karlie: everything... he plays with me!

My Daddy works hard at:
Karis: work
Karlie: playing!

My Daddy always tells me:
Karis:  Bye, I love you! (every morning before work)
Karlie: To clean the floor

I'm happy when my Daddy:
Karis: is home!
Karlie: reads to me

I love my Daddy because:
Karis: He is special!
Karlie: He loves me!

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