Saturday, May 19, 2012

Special Daddy Date: Royal Fairytale Ball

Last night was the much anticipated (free) "Royal Fairytale Ball" at a local library.  The girls had really been looking forward to dressing up and spending time with Daddy!

Abbi didn't actually go to the ball (because it was past her beditime) but she wanted to get all dressed up like her sisters.  She left the crown on just long enough for me to get 2 pictures, ha!

 And there it goes...
 Then the girls began dancing around the yard singing their favorite "Maria" songs.  (That means songs from the Sound of Music -- their favorite music to listen to.)
 I had bought the girls a bunch of princess things at the Dollar Store and they were all really excited about them.  But at the last minute, Karis refused to wear them except for the wand.  Karlie also asked me to curl her hair like I do when I go on a date with Daddy :)
 Abbi did not know what all the excitement was about, but she was sure happy about being outside!

 "Again with the crown, Mama?"
 Finally Daddy got home and took the princesses to their ball.  Funny story: He was trying to decide if he had to wear a tie so he thought he would ask them (hoping they wouldn't care.)  They both said they liked his outfit with the tie better, so he had to wear it!

 A little tickling and they were good to go!
 At the ball, they got decorate their own crown, and Karis was very proud of it and wore it the entire night (and to the Farmer's Market the next day as well :)
There were also refreshments and lots of princesses dancing.
 Photo op at the ball:
 They had a lot of fun decorating a pink shield:

 When they got home, we decided they needed pictures in their very own castle!  Karlie popped through the window:
 These princesses sure do love their Daddy!

 What a fun night!

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Claire said...

Oh how very sweet! What a darling daddy-daughter date!