Thursday, May 24, 2012

Church Family Beach Trip!

Every year we go on a day trip to the beach with our church.  It is great fun and wonderful to have so many helping hands with our girls.  When we started getting down the beach things from the attic the girls were ever so excited and decided to make their own pretend beach in the hallway:

When we got to he beach, Abbi was amazed and excited at the seagulls.  She spent much of her time at the beach chasing them around and trying to catch them:

Karis was quite excited to play in the sand.  She has gotten a little paranoid about going under the water and wanted to wear her life jacket for most of the day.  (Plus, it was kind of a cool day for the beach and it helped to keep her warm :)
 Abbi showed absolutely no fear of the water and wanted to rush into it. She would get very angry when we would stop her from going to deep.
 She loved jumping waves with Daddy!
 We had a lot of fun playing with our sweet friend, Vivian, but it was very bittersweet knowing that it would be the last time we saw them for a while since they are moving next weekend :(
 Despite the lack of naptime, Abbi was amazingly happy just about the entire day!
 Mr. Alan was very kind to brave the frigid water to play with Karis for quite a long time.  She told me later, "I am so happy that Mr. Alan came because I would not have had as much fun without him!"

 My little munchkin Karlie was pretty chilly a lot of the day so she enjoyed lots of snuggles with Daddy:
 This baby girl was so much fun!!
 My girls were not the least bit afraid to get dirty and we are still finding sand in their hair 4 days later :)

 We even snagged some funny pictures of these sleeping beauties:
 We thought of many jokes to play on them but decided a silly picture would suffice :)
Thanks Messiah Baptist Church for such a fun day!  

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