Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blastball, soccer, and Dunkaroo updates

Last week was the end of a session at MVP, so I let Abbi skip her nap so that I could go watch them play and take some pictures.  I am simply not good at taking pictures of the girls playing at Mark's work... the lighting is really funky and they move so fast that the pictures are always blurry :(  But I love them anyways because it is fun to see the girls having so much fun!

This was the first session that the girls have played blastball and they really enjoyed it.  I have a few funny videos that I will post once I get a chance to upload them to Youtube.  It is so funny to watch them both as they dance and spin around the field :)

Karis is getting really good in soccer and is ready to move up to the next level, but the classes are not at convenient times so she is still playing with Karlie.  She doesn't seem to care a bit, though, and just runs around smiling.  She has decided that she would rather pick her own clothes instead of wearing the uniform, however, and it is always a skirt or dress (with shorts underneath).

 Abbi really wants to get on the field with the big girls and I have to work really hard to keep her out of trouble while the girls play.  She will be old enough for her own class in the fall, though!

This is Coach Brooks.  He is super silly and fun and the girls absolutely love him!


Abbi knows that she is not supposed to go on the court, so she stood there watching with one foot over the line, trying to get as close as she could :)

The most fun game of all:  trying to bop Coach Brooks on the head with the ball!

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Claire said...

Oh what lovely pictures! Love how ready Abbi is to join in!