Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All About Nina

Here are some questions the girls answered about Nina to celebrate Mother's Day:

1.  What is something that Nina always says to you?
Karlie: “Eat”
Karis: “Do you want to have some oatmeal?”  (At this point Karis got totally obsessed with the yumminess of Nina’s oatmeal and tried to answer every question with it so I had to continue the questions later on :)

2.  What makes Nina happy?  
Karlie: “when I play with her”
Karis: “If I say yes”

3.  What makes Nina sad?
Karlie: “If I disobey.”
Karis: “If I disobey”

4.  How does Nina make you laugh:
Karlie: “when she does silly things”
Karis:  “anything she does”

5.  How old is Nina?
Karlie:  “That is a tricky thing.... she should be 4!”
Karis:  “64 or 5”  

6.  How tall is Nina?
Karlie: “just how old you are.”
Karis: “65”

7.  What is Nina’s favorite thing to do?  
Karlie: “play with me.”
Karis: “Read, I believe”

8.  What does Nina do when you are not around?  
Karlie:  “Be sad”

Karis: “Really bored... I think she cooks would be my guess.”

9.  What is Nina really good at?
Karlie:  “just cooking.”
Karis:  “Reading.”

10.  What is Grandma not good at?
Karlie:  “Being mean.”

11.  What does Nina do for a job?
Karlie:  “Just cook, cook, cook!”

12.  What is Nina’s favorite food?
Karlie: “squash and pancakes”

13.  What do you like to do with Nina?
Karlie:  Just play and eat muffins or crackers
Karis: read

14. How are you and Nina different?
Karlie:  “when I have curly hair.”
Karis: “I don’t work and she works”

15.  How do you know Grandma loves you?
Karlie:  “Because I’m so sweet.”
Karis:  “Because I love to do stuff with her”

16.  Where is Grandma’s favorite place to go?
Karlie:  “To here, to our house!!!”

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