Saturday, May 12, 2012

All About Grandma!

For Mother's Day, I decided to ask the girls some questions about their Grandma and Nina. I thought I'd go ahead and post Grandma's answers today and Nina's tomorrow. I really had fun with this and found a few answers that surprised me :)

1.  What is something that Grandma always says to you?
Karlie: “to eat” and “to play”
Karis: “Do you want to read with me?” (At this point, Karlie chimed in again and said, “and I say yes if it is not a scary one and Grandma says they are never scary!”

2.  What makes Grandma happy?  
Karlie: “when I obey her”
Karis: If I eat the food she gives me... like corn pudding... if that is for dinner I eat like 7 bowls of it!”

3.  What makes Grandma sad?
Karlie: “If I disobey.”

4.  How does Grandma make you laugh:
Karlie: “when she does funny things... showing me the horsey Abbi likes to play on.”
Karis:  “Oh, if she says something silly.”

5.  How old is Grandma?
Karlie:  “You need to tell me because it is hard...  I’ll say 4!”
Karis:  “I think she is 64”  

6.  How tall is Grandma?
Karlie: “how tall you are... so you already know!”

7.  What is Grandma’s favorite thing to do?  
Karlie: “paint Easter eggs and play with me.”
Karis: “Give us stickers.”

8.  What does Grandma do when you are not around?  
Karlie:  “Be sad.... and just cook everything.”
Karis: “I think she just plays with Abbi and works.”

9.  What is Grandma really good at?
Karlie:  “cooking.”
Karis:  “Reading.”

10.  What is Grandma not good at?
Karlie:  “Being mean.”
Karis:  “I don’t know anything she is not good at.”

11.  (This question was provided by Karis... she stopped me from asking questions and said, “I have a good idea!!!  Favorite dessert we like to make with her!!”)
Karis:  “Big fat cookie with icing and fruit.”

12.  What does Grandma do for a job?
Karlie:  “Cooking and everything like that.”

13.  What is Grandma’s favorite food?
Karlie: “Broccoli or cupcakes.”
Karis: “Pear butter.”

14. How are you and Grandma different?
Karlie:  “I don’t have hair like Grandma.”

15.  How do you know Grandma loves you?
Karlie:  “Because she is so sweet.”

16.  Where is Grandma’s favorite place to go?
Karlie:  “To go pick flowers with us.”

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