Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Abbi Grace at 15 months!

Yep; this girl is 15 months!  So hard to believe.  She is such a happy, smiley, and stubborn baby!
She still loves being outside and picking the flowers more than almost anything:
Abbi has suddenly decided that she has to rip out every single bow or clip I put in her hair.  The only time I might get lucky is if I put it in her hair right as we are walking outside because she loves being outside so much that she forgets about her bow :)  Otherwise, it is ripped out the second I put it in!

Her other great love is kitty and our bed.  She has figured out that she can climb up on the bed using our chest at the end of it.  Unfortunately, it isn't the least bit safe because once she gets up on the bed, she has the tendency to bounce around and throw herself down on it and our bed is quite high.  So much fun!  So we have to keep the door to our bedroom closed all the time now so she doesn't get up there when we don't realize it.    Her love for kitty is amazing.  If she is fussing about something,  all you have to do is ask if she wants to go see the kitty and she grins and runs off toward our bedroom.  She is extremely gentle with him (unless she falls on him by mistake) and usually lays down beside him and rubs heads with him.

Abbi has also really enjoyed our pool this year.  The first few times I really had to help her climb up and go down the slide, but now she can mostly do it by herself.  She loves to go in and out and in and out and in and out of the pool.

Abbi loves to be a helper and her favorite job is to clean out the silverware from the dishwasher and throwing them in the silverware drawer.  This job can keep her happily busy for quite a while, but she gets very upset when I am loading the dishwasher and refusing to let her unload it!!!

Abbi loves music and will usually drop whatever she is doing to spin around in circles if she hears any music (her cute version of dancing).
Seriously, is there anything cuter than a baby in a tutu bathing suit?  Nope, I didn't think so :)

Abbi enjoyed her very first weekend without Mama or Daddy this month and according to Nina, she did very well and was actually easier than the big girls!  I had been extremely nervous about leaving her since she had never been without me, but apparently she never even noticed that I was gone!  She is on a very good, solid, two-hour up and two hour asleep schedule and stuck to it nicely with Nina and Papa.  And as you can tell in the picture, she had tons of fun!
Abbi doesn't realize that she is only 15 months and tries to do absolutely everything her older sisters do.  In this picture, she is trying to wear her baby on her back like they do, but it is a bit too heavy for her and it knocks her down :)

She is also getting into dress-up play like the big girls and is ever so cute as a purple dinosaur:

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