Thursday, April 19, 2012

Starwberry pickin'

We finally made it to the strawberry patch! Strawberries have been ready since Easter and the girls have been eagerly waiting to go ever since!

We got to the farm before our friends, so Karlie enjoyed riding on the swing for a few minutes first:

Then she was ready to go!

Abbi surprised us all by running to Katie and asking to be picked up... up until that point she had been Miss Independent, not wanting anyone to hold her at all! But she gave Katie some good snuggles :)
Oh, they were so excited! Karis had happily informed me that morning that they were only going to eat strawberries and ice cream for dinner. I decided it would be ok and they were thrilled!

Let's just say that Abbi was unbelievably excited about all the strawberries and unbelievably possessive of them as well. This is the face she gave me when I tried to explain that she should put them in my bucket. It immediately took me back a few years to the pictures we got when we tried to teach Karis how to play miniature golf at age 2. HA!

Karis decided to take her job of scrounging for dinner seriously and did not put a single berry in the basket, either. Every single one went in her mouth!

Karlie Sue turned out to be our surprising biggest helper! She was very happy about filling her basket and picked more than anyone other than her Daddy. (I was a little busy with Abbi :)

Abbi wasn't quite strong enough to pull off some of the big ones so she would just try to eat them right off the vine!
Happy Karlie:
I very rarely caught Abbi without a strawberry in her mouth :)

Three very happy, juicy, pink girls!

Abbi liked the cow statue better than any of the other things on the playground and kept coming back to touch it. Always munching a on a berry!
And we finally got ice cream! Gone are the days when we would just buy a little cup of vanilla for the girls to split. They love to choose their own flavor now and never pick the same one. (It is as if they know we would make them split it if they did!) Karis picked cookies and cream for the first time ever and loved it!

Karlie picked chocolate as always. She is a girl who knows what she loves and never vacillates!
Abbi had to beg for ice cream and usually ended up with mine (a combo of a few spoonfuls from the big girls' cups.) She loved it.
What a fun afternoon!

Then we had to check and see if all those berries made us grow any taller:

If you count Abbi's tall hair-do, you could say that she is 2 1/2 feet tall :)
More swinging before heading home!


Anonymous said...

Mniam, truskawki!(strawberries)


Claire said...

What a fun day!