Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter fun with friends!

During our trip to VA, we were so excited to be able to meet up with our friends at a park for a couple of hours! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were the only ones there (other than a few people walking their dogs, which the girls loved). The kids played for a while and then the Daddies hid Easter eggs for them. Can you tell that Samy and Mark were quite proud of the purple and pink princess Easter baskets?
Abbi was really excited even though she didn't yet know why...
Aren't those the sweetest bunch of happy girls you ever saw? (And yes, we do have a couple of little fellows in our group, but they are just too little to walk around yet.)

Karlie Sue was the most determined little Easter egg hunter I've ever seen. She kept right on looking long after the others had finished and I even heard her saying she was going back out with her basket full with eggs to hide them again so she could have another hunt :)

Karis Lynn was quite happy with her full basket and claimed that she found the most eggs of anyone! (But her sister was still out there hunting :)

Abbi Grace forgot what all the excitement was about and decided to swing instead. You can tell that she thoroughly enjoyed her sweet-potato fries :)
Then we walked down the creek so the big girls could throw sticks and watch the water carry them downstream. They quickly decided that rocks were more fun because they created a bigger splash :)

All in all, it was a super fun day and we can't wait til we can get together again!

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