Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter fun at Grandma and Papa's house!!

We went to VA for Easter weekend and had a lot of fun with all the grandparents! My folks had planned some really fun activities for the girls, and I tried to capture some of them on camera:

Dying Easter eggs!

Karlie was oh, so serious about it! She was very fast and had dyed all her eggs before Karis (who was very thorough) had even finished drying hers off with a towel! She wanted to do more, so we told her that she could dye them again... I think each egg got dyed about 3 times :)
Karis was very patient and systematic with her dying and allowed each egg to get to the perfect shade before removing it:
They were both very pleased with the results!
Ahh, the bliss of Easter eggs!
Abbi Grace was very happy with her blueberries and that big fake pepper that she is holding.... she carried it around all weekend for some reason.

Easter cookies were next on the list of fun things to do and once again, the girls took their job very seriously!
They were also given the very important job of icing and decorating the traditional cross cake!

Many thanks to my Mom and Dad for planning so many fun activities for my girls, as well as going to the trouble of making all the treats gluten-free for Karlie!

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