Friday, April 13, 2012

Abbi Grace at 14 Months

Oh, this girl keeps me on my toes! So stinking cute and into everything and determined to get everything she wants.

She wants to climb everything she sees and is utterly determined to get her way. She has quite the evil eye if you cross her:
But normally Abbi Grace is all smiles, especially if she is outside! She is obsessed with picking flowers and our neighbor rarely mows so his yard is filled with dandelions... she goes a bit crazy if I let her loose over there and can hardly handle all available yellow blooms. She grabs so many that she can't hold them all and then starts a hollering because she wants to hold every single one. It makes me laugh so hard.

Abbi found a big bag of little potatoes in my pantry and loves carrying them around. I find them all over the house in the oddest places. If you say the word potato, she grins really big and runs over to the pantry to get some for you. She was ever so surprised the night I cooked some whole for her (instead of mashing or making fries) and I asked if she wanted to eat potatoes... she kept pointing at the pantry and then at her dish and smiling up a storm.

Abbi has progressed from the slow toddle to the flat out run and loves to take advantage of this skill! She scares me regularly when outside... the sidewalk from our house to driveway is a slight decline and her favorite thing to do is take off running down the sidewalk as fast as she can. I cannot believe that she has yet to fall and scrape her face on it! She also loves to chase her sisters around the house or have them chase her. If I hear extremely loud squealing, I can be certain that they are playing chase. The big girls enjoy it because Abbi laughs so hysterically and Abbi loves the attention and gets so excited.

Abbi is still obsessed with her Pup-pup and that dog just lets her do anything. It is amazing. But Pup-pup won't let anyone near her Abbi... prepare to see that tolerant dog turn ferocious! Sometimes she even tries to stop Mark from throwing Abbi around!

Abbi understands everything I say and is constantly surprising me because I often forget that fact. Like when Karlie asks me what we will have for snack and I tell her bananas and Abbi runs to the counter and starts screaming at the bananas. Even though we just finished breakfast! She also loves to test her boundaries when I tell her "no." When we go watch the big girls play basketball, she knows she is not supposed to go on the court so she will scoot right up to the edge and and just barely put her foot on it and grin and look at me to see what I say. Such a stinker! She is starting to copy what I say more now, but still prefers to holler when she wants something rather than ask for it with signs or words :) She gets really excited, however, when she realizes that you understand what she wants when she does try to talk or use signs.

Abbi is the best napper I've ever had. She loves her crib and her mobile and will often play herself to sleep, wake up and turn on her mobile, and then play herself back to sleep. Unless she is teething or sick, she usually is content in her crib until I go get her up because it is breakfast or lunch or dinner time. That is unbelievable to me. Especially because she happily goes to bed by 7 each evening and stays in there till 8:00 or 8:30 the next morning. But it is so helpful since I am trying to do school with Karis while she naps.

She still loves her paci and bear softy blanket and I think she is more attached to that paci than any of my others have been. I try to leave it in the crib when she is awake to help her want to talk more, but she often goes to the crib and hollers for it. I'm going to let her keep it until after our beach trip, but then she is going to say good-bye to all her pacifiers!

As always, peek-a-boo is a favorite game at this age. Just about everything is a lot of fun with this sweet girl! We love her so much!

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