Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meet Tina

The girls caught their first bug pet last week! They were trying to catch butterflies with their nets, but just couldn't do it. When I went out to check on them and saw their disappointed faces, I noticed a cricket at my feet and asked if that would be fun. Oh, they were so excited! Daddy poked holes in the jar top and they were ever so diligent to feed "Tina" every chance they got. They even found a dead spider that they insisted I give to Tina so she would have a friend.

We kept Tina for a day and then the next morning Karis informed me that it was time for Tina to go out and play with her bug friends. She planned to follow Tina around and put her back in the jar after her playtime. I quickly explained that Tina was so little that she would hide under the grass and be hard to catch again, but Karis said that was ok. She wanted Tina to be able to go play. So they happily released her and followed her around til she disappeared out of sight. they are still very excited about the experience and often excitedly tell me that they see Tina in the grass.

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