Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just singing in the rain....

We scored an awesome playhouse at a recent consignment sale (many thanks to Nina and Papa!) and the girls have had a blast playing in it. Earlier this week, it was a rainy day so I said we'd have to skip outside time. The girls gleefully reminded me that they had a house outside that would keep them dry! How could I argue with delightful logic like that? (I did, of course, insist on rain coats because I know the odds of them actually staying in their water-proof house were slim to none.) But they sure had fun just singing and dancing and running in the rain!
I couldn't find Abbi's coat in a hurry, so she wore a 4T from last year. It swallowed her but was awfully cute! She has her paci in her mouth because we were just getting ready to go down for naps when they talked me into a quick dance in the rain.

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