Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Friends

Our dear friends, Paul and Laurel, and their precious little baby, Noah, came to visit last weekend. It was a super sweet but way too short visit that served to remind us just how much we love this special little family. They've been studying French in Switzerland for the past year and will soon be heading off to Africa to help create a written language for a tribe that does not have one in order to give them a Bible. Such an amazing and precious little family and we love them dearly.
We joked amongst ourselves (when the big girls weren't around, of course) all weekend that we are going to have an arranged marriage between this handsome fella and our sweet Abbi Grace:
Monday night we enjoyed having them over for dinner along with another favorite couple who had left to plant a church in another area. Oh, it was so wonderful to be with them again and felt just like old times when they would come over for Bible Study every week. My girls were on cloud nine to have some of their favorite people around again! They loved on Noah every chance they got and when Mark put the girls to bed, Karis called him back in and whispered that she hoped Noah and Abbi would get married someday. So sweet. (I promise that we had not mentioned it in her presence and she came up with it all on her own!)
Paul and Laurel and sweet Noah, we love you guys so much and will be faithful to pray for you!

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