Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blast ball and the littlest dunkeroo!

This session, we let the girls try out "Blastball" (T-ball) at their Daddy's work. They are in the same class and really enjoy it! The bases squeak when they run over them and they think that is hilarious. I haven't talked them into wearing the uniform, though, because it is a bright yellow rather than pink and they would rather wear their favorite colors (Maybe Daddy will order purple shirts next time he places an order, hint, hint :)

I took this video of Karis the last class because she is hilarious to watch... she has such an incredibly fun time but hasn't caught the spirit of competitiveness yet. If you listen to the comments during the video, you will hear how all the other Mamas get a big kick out of her skipping and hopping around the bases :) It sure makes me smile to watch my joyful and silly girl!

Abbi decided that she was feeling left out without a uniform so when I was folding clothes, she picked up Karlie's basketball shirt and tried to put it over her head and demanded that I help her do it:

Ever so proud of her big-girl basketball shirt!

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