Monday, February 27, 2012

Medal Day at the Sports Factory!

Friday was medal day at MVP Sports Factory, so I decided to watch both classes and take my camera. I usually stay home with Abbi during their classes with Daddy because it is Abbi's naptime, so I really had fun watching and seeing how much fun the girls have and how much they have learned since the last time I was there! I apologize that most of the pictures are fuzzy and the videos are shaky. My camera battery was dying so it did not take as good quality pictures and I was trying to hold the camera steady, zoomed in, with Abbi strapped to the front of me, grabbing at the camera :) It was quite an exhausting morning!

Karis during warm-ups with her class: She loves Coach Brooks!

A closer look so that you can see that smile on her face. She grins like this pretty much the entire class!

Karlie sitting beside her Daddy during warm-ups:

Practicing trapping the ball and switching feet:

Pretty serious as she pretends to be a penguin and tries to get her "egg" to safety!
Karlie is meticulously slow with this drill and Mark says that she is always the last one down the field and the class always has a lot of fun cheering her on as she finishes and Karlie loves the attention :)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Karis is practicing kicking backwards with her class:

And now kicking forward:

Karis is such a happy player -- she skips down the field most of the time!

Stopping the ball:
One of the girls broght a "pretty" ball and Karis just had to play with it :)

And Karlie found the only pink squishy ball on her field and didn't want to let it go!

But Daddy can tickle it away from her!
A happy little soccer player!

Karis having fun with her soccer friend, Lauren, while waiting for her turn to scrimmage:

Cone towers with Daddy can get a little silly :)
Unfortunately, after this picture, my camera died completely so I missed taking a picture of the girls with their classes and medals :( I ran to Mark's office to let the battery recharge so it would be ready for basketball class!

I finally let Abbi down to play in between classes. She immediately found the medals in Daddy's office and ran away with them!

Running is so much fun when Daddy is chasing during warm-ups!

I gave Abbi some squishy balls to entertain her during basketball class. She was quite possessive over them!

Covering Coach Brooks with the basketballs:

They finished the class playing with balloons since it was a celebration medal day. Abbi wanted one, but was so tired after missing her nap that all she could do was lay her head on it to rest. But she was happy :)

She rested with the balloon like this for at least 10 minutes while the kids went crazy with the balloons!
A fun basketball class!!

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Micha said...

Man, that looks like so much FUN! But also exhausting. I trust you all slept well Friday night!