Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's been a while...

Yes, I know it has been a while since I have blogged. My sweet baby girl got a good bit snotty which has meant very little sleep for both of us for the past week. When she is miserable, she likes to sleep on her Mama and I'm a sucker and want to do everything to make her comfy. Luckily, it seems to be slowing down somewhat now so I'll try to do a quick catch-up on the blog:

February has been a fun month. Mark bought me some totes to help me organize but Abbi decided that they were her favorite things to play with in the world. She spent an entire week happily getting in and out of them and throwing her toys in and then getting them out. It was great and Karlie liked to join in the fun. Oh, and I even took one of them to church with me to help entertain her during the service, HA! Totes are wonderful for so many reasons!
we've had amazingly nice weather and enjoyed it immensely!
I think she looks a little too grown up here:
Abbi is now walking at break-neck speed all over the place and has been really excited that I now let her out of the Ergo to play during our outside time.
We took the big girls to get their hair cut last week. Karis was ever so excited about all the pampering and just grinned like this the entire time!!!
I kept Abbi in the Beco to keep her out of trouble :)
This was the first time that Karlie had gotten her hair cut and she was extremely unsure about it (as you can tell in the picture -- HA!). She utterly refused to get her hair washed (which was fine, but funny) and had this extremely serious look on her face the entire time. She sat perfectly still until it was over and then was ever so proud of herself and bursting at the seams to tell everyone she met about her hair cut :)
I wanted to do something special with the girls for Valentine's Day, so I took them all to the grocery store (which they thought was so fun because I usually just send Mark) to buy Mark's favorite cookies and ingredients for a special dinner and his favorite pound cake to make strawberry short cake. Then we "surprised" him at work with a special lunch. (Karlie kind of spilled the beans before he left that morning, but he didn't know when we were coming or that we were bringing lunch and his favorite cookies :) After naps, I let them make the pound cake and we used heart doilies as place mats and lit a candle and had a special dinner! They had such a fun day surprising their Daddy in so many ways and Karis told me later that the day was like one big fun date! (She is very into dates because Mark and I try to go on them as often as possible and then she finally had her own Daddy-date last week at CFA :)

Oh, how I love my sweet Valentines!

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Claire said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad Abbi is starting to feel better.