Sunday, February 5, 2012

A double birthday party!!!

We decided to combine the birthday parties for Karlie and Abbi to make it easier on me and so that the grandparents would only have to travel down once. Karlie loved the idea, because she ended up celebrating her birthday at least 4 times while waiting for her "real" party :) We started out the celebration weekend by meeting friends and grandparents at Kidventures, an awesome discovery/imaginative/play place for kids near Mark's work. They had a blast!!! Unfortunately, I had taken the battery out of my camera to charge it and forgot to put it back in, so we don't have any pictures. (Every now and then I wish that we had fit smartphones with good cameras into our budget!).

We had planned our party for this Saturday, but unfortunately, Nina and Papa had to stay in VA at the last minute for a funeral :( And all of our local cousins ended up being sick :( But as you can tell in the next picture, Karlie didn't let any of that get her down! (Plus, she knew that meant yet another mini-celebration the next time they visit :) So we partied hard with just Grandma and Papa and had a great time!
Yay! It's party time! I will confess that there are about 4 times as many pictures of Abbi in this post than Karlie. However, it is not for lack of trying... it appears that 3 years is quite the age for scowling at cameras (especially if those cameras are causing her to have to wait to open another present or eat a cupcake!)

Abbi was quite enamored with the pretty packages...
Karlie had fun trying out the party favors...
Abbi liked to pull the shiny circles off the garland...
Isn't she so cute? I have to remind you that this is the same birthday outfit each girl has worn... and I must admit that I've never had such trouble putting it on! I could barely get it over her head and had to stretch it to get just one button of the onesie snapped... my sweet chunky monkey was bursting at the seams!
She liked sitting on the box of Karlie's magneatos the best :)
Can you tell that she enjoyed her 1st taste of Japanese food?
Oh, the cupcakes! Karlie was utterly determined to have chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing. I can't say that I blamed her but I was worried that the whole "brown on brown" colorscheme would be blah and she wouldn't be as excited about it. So we added the purple fondant star and lots of sprinkles and oh, she was so excited! She ate the purple star off her cupcake before I could even snap a picture so we had to get a new one to have a picture of it :)
My sweet 3 year old!
Can you tell that she was thrilled about having to wait to eat that cupcake? HA!
Abbi had a slightly healthier homemade cupcake and didn't have a clue what to do with it at first :)
But she figured it out soon enough and was even kind enough to show me how old she was!
All cleaned up and pushing her new walker:
What a sweet face:

My big one year old!
And she even enjoyed the squishing kiss!
And Karis was there as well, having fun enjoying the yummy cupcakes and attention of the grandparents
No night would be complete without a Papa tickle-fest!
What a fun day!

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Claire said...

Oh what a sweet day! Happy birthdays to both of your sweet girls!