Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abbi Grace at one year!!!

It is so hard to believe my precious baby was ever this little! But then again, could it really have been over a year ago that I held her in my arms for the first time?
She brought such a smile to my face back then and she still does today!
What a sweetheart!

This little sweetie is such a big girl now! She is full of joy and energy and happily toddles around the house all day, carrying her "treasures" and placing them in random spots. If we can't find something, we know that she must have "hidden" it :) We almost sent the back of Mark's phone to the Share Shop because she threw it in the bag of things to give away!
Oh, how I love her little mischievous grin! She is just such a happy girl now that she can walk all over the place and she just keeps us laughing!
Abbi still doesn't say very many words, but she is an expert at communicating! If she wants to read a book, she will pull up on the rocking chair and rock it back and forth and fuss and look at me like, "come on and read to me!" And she will continue doing it until I stop whatever I am doing, grab a book, and pick her up and read. Then she rewards me with a humongous grin and a sweet snuggle! She does the same thing when she is hungry: she will crawl to her highchair and bang on it and fuss until I put her in and give her some food :)

She has really started hollering to get my attention when she wants something and I suddenly realized that I had not taught her sign language like I did the other two girls. Poor third child: I just put all her food on her tray and let her go at it without teaching her how to ask for more or milk or anything! So we've been working on that the past 2 weeks and she signs for milk a LOT. She does it when she wants anything, actually :) But we are working hard at "more" and "please" to cut down on the yelling for everything else.

Abbi also understands so much more than I realize. Earlier this week, I started singing, "The Wheels on the Bus" to her when she was snuggling in my lap. She grinned really big, but then started fussing to get down. I thought that was odd because I've never had a baby who didn't enjoy doing "The Wheels on the Bus!" But then she crawled right over to the bookshelf and pulled out a book and started looking at it and grinning really big and I realized that she had found her book that contained the "Wheels on the Bus" song! Pretty smart!

Abbi loves to throw her toys and then crawl really fast to go them them. It is so funny. She will laugh after she throws them and make excited squeals as she runs to get them. My tupperware drawer is her favorite place to play and chuck things because they will slide well on the kitchen floor. The best part is that instead of just emptying my drawer, she usually puts it all back!
This crazy girl decided to give up nursing right after she turned one. She just didn't have time for it anymore! I would have been sad, but she also started sleeping through the night at the same time! I'm guessing that she was just too busy to drink enough milk during the day and she had to wake up a bunch at night to get what she needed. But now that I let her have her sippy around the house and she eats a ridiculous amount of real food from her high chair, she is sleeping at least 13 hours a night! And I feel like a new person... I had not realized how tired I had been for the last year until I finally got enough sleep and felt like a fog had been lifted! It was worth it to have a fat and happy baby, but I am glad for the chance to rest and restore my tired body )
It is so nice to be out of the "put everything in her mouth" stage! She is usually so happy to be carrying things around the house that she usually does not even try to eat them.
I think that Abbi is probably one of the most dramatic babies I have had. I'm not sure if that is because she has 2 other siblings to compete with for attention and she has to be loud for me to realize that she needs me or if that is just her personality. But boy can she get my attention! And if you try to take away one of her little "treasures" she throws herself down on the ground wailing like you have beaten her or something. It is so dramatic that it is hilarious but I am trying not to laugh and to teach her that her behavior is not appropriate.

She is also very insistent when she wants something, especially food. She has figured out where we keep the bananas and will randomly beg for them at all times of the day and get so upset when I don't just give her one right away. I always end up having to take her out of the kitchen and distract her with a book or something or she will never give up hollering for it. She is one determined little girl and I can tell that I have my work cut out for me!

Abbi is very affectionate and loves to snuggle and give kisses and be tickled and thrown around. Mark is ever so excited that she is big enough to really throw around and play. She tries to do everything that the big girls do and if she can't, she hollers for Daddy or I to help her. If she is upset, she definitely wants Mama, but all other times she is a Daddy's girl if he is anywhere around. She gets so upset if he takes the big girls out without her!
Abbi is quite friendly and loves to "chat" with other people and show them her treasures. She usually wants me to hold for about 2 minutes in a new place, but then she absolutely must get down and go exploring. They only time she is content to stay still in my arms is if I am wearing her in one of my baby carriers or reading her a book.
I just can't get enough of this happy little sweetheart and I can't wait to watch her grow and see the little lady she turns into!
I love you so much my sweet Abbi Grace!!!!

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