Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I love these girls!

So many moments I do not want to forget:

... My big girls randomly choosing to snuggle in the rocking chair and "read" books together (as they do several times a week):
... Karis asking every night to read "just one more Bible story"

...My picky Karlie claiming that she doesn't want quinoa pancakes for breakfast and then eating 6 of them...

...My big girls pretending to go to bed so Abbi won't be mad that she has to go before them... giggling the whole time they dive under the covers and say night-night to Abbi...

...teaching them to play dominos and watching them excitedly learn and want to show Daddy...

...Karis asking to do another page in her reading lesson because she was excited and surprised that she could do it so easily

... a 60 degree day in January when I watched all three of my girls excitedly play water table for the 1st time together:
My crazy Abbi throwing tupperware across the kitchen floor as hard as she could and then racing to pick it up while laughing

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