Friday, January 6, 2012

cute conversations

Karlie: I'm flapping my wings, so I'm Gabriel!"
(to Karis): You are gonna have a baby boy and you will call him Jesus and he will be God's son!

Karis: Mama, if we have another girl baby, can we call her Adora? (they have a Dora the Explorer dollhouse and people and always call her "Adora" for some reason)
Me: Umm...I don't think so. But Abbi still needs Mama's milk so we probably won't have another baby anytime soon anyways. We would have plenty of time to think of a good name.
Karlie: Maybe we could call her Hello Kitty?
Karis: How about Cinderella?

Karis: All our baby dolls are girls, but we pretend they are Jesus when we play Mary and Joseph

(At Grandma and Papa's house the day before Christmas)
Karis: I think we need to open a few presents because we can't even walk through here!

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