Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas pics

I think this post is the last of my "catch-up" posts :) We had a fabulous Christmas with lots of family time and special memories! Here are the ones we caught on camera:

Karis was excited about her new pajamas:
I think Abbi loved the inflatable globe more than anyone :)
Grandma has about 25 or more stuffed Christmas toys and the girls are utterly obsessed with them. The minute we walked in the door they ran around the house gathering them up and they continued doing it all weekend. We had only been there five minutes and I heard Karis pointing to a huge stuffed gingerbread family saying, "this is Mary and this is Joseph and this is baby Jesus!" A gingerbread baby Jesus seemed almost sacrilegious to me, but they were so excited about it that it was just incredibly sweet and hilarious. I wish I had taken a picture at that moment, but we hadn't found the camera yet. Here they are snuggled with a few of them:
Abbi had so much fun with all of the toys because she could finally pull up and grab whatever she wanted:
Still enjoying that backwards paci :)
Christmas Eve -- waiting to open few presents (we like to spread it out :) and Abbi was tickling Karis:
I wish her eyes had been open so you could see how incredibly excited she was a bout her new doll!

I think she looks a little too grown-up in this picture:
Grandma and her big girls:
We have a tradition of putting fruit in the bottom of the stocking. Abbi was too little for one, but she kept stealing it from Karis and was utterly obsessed with it! She chewed a big chunk out of it and was simply enraged when I took it from her!
Sweet baby girl on Christmas day:
Daddy stealing a kiss
Hugs for Great-grandma Connie
So sweet!

Karlie loved her new dolphin stuffed animal:
Papa managed to get Abbi to sit still for just a second:


Claire said...

Hi Meg -

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Claire and I've been reading your blog for a while now and commenting often and I just wanted to check this was okay (I would have emailed, but I couldn't find an address!). I know some people don't like 'strangers' reading their blogs and would hate to put you out by following. Your family is adorable and I love your posts on natural remedies and homemaking.

Meg said...

So glad to "meet" you! I enjoy reading your comments -- they are quite encouraging to me! So I'm happy for you to follow!