Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abbi Grace at 11 months!

This month I have finally allowed myself to believe that my baby is growing up. She forced me to, because she started standing up on her own and taking a few steps at a time. And she is so stinkin' cute about it that I just cannot be sad. This is truly one of my favorite stages and I enjoy every minute of it!!!

Abbi Grace just loves to walk. She cannot do more than a few steps on her own, but she will grab ahold of anyone nearby and try to force them to walk so she can use their legs to move along. It is hilarious! She will walk all over the house holding onto my legs if I let her. She also loves for you to offer your fingers for balance and she can do fine just holding onto one hand.

Abbi is ever so excited that she can now play dollhouse and people with the big girls and this is how I usually find her. She will play here even by herself for the longest time:
Another favorite spot is looking out the kitchen door:
Abbi loves to push her music table around the kitchen at breakneck speed. I am always on edge, thinking it will go faster than her feet and she will smash her face on our hard tile floor, but she always manages to keep up somehow.
I was ever so excited when I realized that I could put her hair in a "Bam-bam" pony tail on top of her head! Between that and her shoes, my baby simply does not look like a baby any longer!
She loves to read books and if I'm not there to look at them with her, she will pull them all out on her own :)
She has continued to be a good eater and has never refused anything I put on her plate. We had hamburgers last week and she ate more than the big girls combined! But nothing gets her excited as much as her fermented cod liver/butter oil combo. Seriously. If she sees Karis getting some and I don't offer any to her, she starts screaming like crazy! And when she sees the bottle, she starts kicking and squealing. It amazes me because I don't even like to smell the stuff. Give me the peppermint flavor to cover up the fish, please!!! Thankfully, she is back to nursing like a pro as long as we are at home. I've started giving her our fresh cow's milk in a sippy at every meal to get her used to it since she is almost a year, but I plan to nurse as long as she wants it.
Abbi is such a joy and I can't wait to watch her grow into a toddler!


Micha said...

Awww, I am so jealous (but in a good way). I just love reading about your family!

Karla said...

Meagan, she is precious!

Dominika said...

It looks like she smiles all the time. And she looks sooooooo cute in those black leggings:-)