Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas tree!!!

We got our Christmas tree and had the great idea to eat at Mellow Mushroom beforehand... we all enjoyed it so much that I'm pretty sure it is our new Christmas tree tradition!

The Christmas tree group moved outside the place Mark works and blessed all the GM's with a $20 off voucher! We definitely couldn't waste that much money, so we didn't go to the farm we usually go to. But the girls had a blast anyways!

They loved the Merry-go-round...
... and quickly remembered their tradition of running through the trees and playing peek-a-boo!

The girls were ever so excited about this snowman... but Karis said it couldn't be called Frosty because it was missing a corncob pipe. So I told them it's name was Parker. They were very happy with that and Karlie started calling all snowmen from then on "Parker." She was a little confused a few weeks later when her cousin was talking about Peter Parker (Spiderman) and would not agree with her that Parker was a snowman :) She has no idea who spiderman is and was vehement that Parker was a snowman!

We got home and the girls took a nap while Mark and I set up the tree. We surprised them with this Little People Nativity set that I bought on sale this summer. It has been the favorite toy of the season! Abbi especially loves the angel on top that lights us and plays "Away in a Manger" when you press it down.
The girls loved getting out the ornaments!

My attempt at a picture of them all under the tree :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daddy's Little Dunkaroos!

About a year ago, we let Karis try out a Dunkaroos class with her Daddy. She was excited about it, but all she wanted to do was kick the ball (like she had been doing in soccer class for two years :) We decided not to fool with it since I would have to entertain Karlie because she was too young to do basketball.

Two Saturdays ago, Mark was given the opportunity to go to a Duke game with one of his best friend from high school. It was an awesome opportunity, but it meant that he would not be able to see the girls at all because he would have to go straight from work to the game and would be home long after they went to bed. We brainstormed about how to give him some time with them and realized the only chance we would have was for the girls to take his basketball class.

They had a blast! We found out to our surprise that Karis can actually dribble the ball about 10 bounces and she made her first swish (the goals are lowered)!! She was so excited! Karlie had a blast as well, but she is so tiny that she never comes near the goal, ha, ha. But she loves all the exercises and just bounces all over the place :)

The next Saturday, Mark had someone else coach the class so he could focus on his girls a little more. So I put Abbi in the carrier and took some pictures:

Warm-up stretching: Blast off is their favorite stretch and is a great way to teach them to bend their legs while shooting:

Fun runs! These are Karlie's favorite part about both soccer and basketball class. They hop or run or skip with their knees high down the court. Karlie is hilariously meticulous in her hopping -- she does it just right with 2 feet and barely moves down the field at all. She is usually only half-way down the field by the time everyone else is done. But she loves it and they all cheer her on :) Forgive the shaky camera -- Abbi grabbed at it while I was taping.
In this picture, they were just running (sorry that it is blurry; it is hard to be a photographer with a baby strapped to your chest and moving subjects!)
Getting ready to shoot some baskets!
"How can I get it there?" (With an alley-oop from Daddy, of course!)
Karis can actually make it if she aims correctly.
So proud of herself!
I didn't get a video of her actually making the shot, but I love this quick one of her excitement when Coach Conrad helps her get it in!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful Tree Week 3

This week, Karis an Karlie are thankful for:

...for my own pink Bible that Laurel gave me!
... for our milk farmer who gives us milk!
...for my doll bed!
... for my fish and horse, Cocoa (imaginary)
... for my music machine (a kid's mp3 player that I found at the consignment sale)
... for my brothers and sisters: Julia, Cowgirl Kate, Cindy, James (imaginary)
.. for the sandbox, the swings, and the fire pit!

... for the library!
... for my "I spy" book!
... for my frozen banana!
for the tiger (Abbi's basketball goal)
... for prunes
... that I hopped in soccer!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Abbi Grace at 9 months!

Oh, this girl just keeps getting better and better! She is just so much fun! From the moment Abbi wakes up, she is a bundle of smiles an waves and claps and ENERGY! She is ever so tickled that she can crawl super duper fast and especially over her newfound ability to pull up on everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! The girls are constantly calling me in the room to see what new thing she is doing. This sweet babe even believes that she can stand up on her own two feet and cruise, but thankfully she never fusses when she inevitably plops down.
We have discovered that sweet Abbi has a temper this month because she is learning the word "no" and it just makes her so mad! Crawling opens up a world of possibilities and it is so frustrating when Mama makes her stop :) One day she sat in front of the open dishwasher and just stared and it and fussed and fussed because she knew I wouldn't let her climb on it. She also has a difficult time resisting temptation. Karis and I got the biggest kick out of her this week because she kept paying with my canning pot and scaring herself over and over. She would play with it until the lid fell off with a loud clang on our tile floor and then scream in fright at the loud noise until I moved it back to its place. then she would do it again and again. I finally had to move her away from the pot because she couldn't stop doing it no matter how much it scared her!
Last month I could keep her from eating every little speck on the floor by giving her the paci, but this month she quickly learned to pull it out so she can eat what she wants. It is a constant battle to keep my floor clean enough for her. Somehow she manages to find little pieces of trash or lint or bark or grass to put in her mouth even right after I vacuum. And she also throws her paci when I pick her up to nurse her. She yanks it out of her mouth and throws it across the room. I'm always amazed at the places I find it.
Abbi had a two or three week spell this month where she was just too busy to nurse! I finally had to break down and buy a nice pump and try to teach her how to drink out of a sippy cup because she would go 6 or 7 hours without eating! Thankfully, she has calmed down a bit now and I only end up pumping once or twice a week. And she hadn't lost any weight at her 9-month checkup -- she was almost 20 pounds! Thats a big 9-monther for me! My other two girls were down between the 5-15 percent in weight by this time, but Miss Abbi is holding steady at 75%.
Abbi has gotten quite talkative this month and loves to say Da-da! I still haven't heard her say Ma-ma, but she grins and laughs at me every time I try to get her to say it :) She loves to play with Daddy, especially peek-a-boo and hide and seek, but if she is tired and fussy or in a new situation, only Mama will do. I am ever so thankful for my Ergo and Beco because she is perfectly content to snuggle with me in them when we are out and about. But if I happen to forget my carrier, she! She wants to be down crawling everywhere every second! The only way to keep her in my arms is with the baby carrier.

Abbi loves to read now, especially books with flaps or different textures. Her favorite book is Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? We read it almost every day when she wakes up from her nap and she just laughs and laughs at all the different sounds. I love it!

Our awesome friend, Miranda, took some great pictures of my sweet Abbi this month and I am just so excited about them:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Medal Day at Turf Tikes

I have to start this post by saying that I came across these pictures when I was uploading the new ones to my facebook page and I just can't believe that my big girls were ever that little!

Karis at 18 months

Karlie Sue: I must point out that she is wearing the same shirt now that she did at 18 months!
Now that I have shed my tears, lets move on to the recent pics:

Our girls look forward to Fridays every week because they get to go to soccer with Daddy! Karlie is actually in Daddy's class and Karis has coach Deanna, whom she absolutely loves. Deanna loves to make her laugh by tickling her :)
One of Karlie's favorite things to do in soccer class is to build cone towers and kick them down!

Karis is excitedly listening to coach Deanna's instructions:
So much fun!

With the rest of her little class, receiving their medals:
Karlie showing off her medal:
But Daddy is still the best coach ever and Karis says she wants to be a soccer coach just like him when she grows up (so she can be with him all day long :)